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Hard Money Loans Made Easy

American Trust Financial offers equity-based hard money loans to borrowers on all property types. 
As a private lender and broker, we have capital ready for all types of hard money needs and can get you a decision and fund the loan often times within a week. 


We offer hard money loans on owner-occupied properties for business purposes. 


No Upfront Fees

You won't pay a dime until the deal closes. It's that simple. 

Longer Terms

Choose your term. Unlike most hard money which is only for a year, we often are able to lend for 3-5 year terms. 


Slam-Dunk Financing

Once approved, we order title and start working on loan docs.

Our process and products are just that. If you qualify it's a slam-dunk.

American Trust Financial is California's premier lender for families & individuals. 

Our team has over 30 years of experience and over $1 Billion in real-estate transaction volume. 

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