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Turbo Charged Retirement

You’ve worked hard to get where you’re at. And we know there’s so much you’re looking forward to on the road ahead.
American Trust Financial is here to help. As your trusted retirement partner, we’ve created a full suite of financial tools from traditional to jumbo loan reverse mortgage options designed to keep the wheels in motion and make your retirement goals a reality.

Line of Credit

Recieve a line of credit to use as you wish throughout your retirement backed against the equity in your home. 

Why Reverse?

No More Payments

Reverse Mortgages often eliminate the need for borrowers to make monthly payments. Learn how a Reverse Mortgage can put money in your pocket and remove your monthly mortgage payment. 

Refinance or Sell

Contrary to popular belief, you can refinance out of your reverse mortgage or sell your property whenever you'd like, just like a traditional mortgage. 


Stay In Your Home

Reverse mortgages allow our senior customers to stay in their home until their passing at which point, their successors have an entire year to re-finance or sell the property. Any extra equity goes right to the beneficiaries just like a traditional loan. 

With Over 30 Years of Combined Experience, Our Team has the Knowledge and Expertise to Ensure Professional, Accurate, High Quality Service

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