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Jumbo Loans

American Trust Financial specializes in Jumbo Loans for borrowers looking for loan sizes up to $10m
Unlike choosing one lender, American Trust Financial is able to offer our clients the best pricing for the most competitive rates across the entire Jumbo mortgage lending spectrum. 
Our pricing engine allows us to provide you with the best rates and terms on your purchase or refinance transaction. 

Fast Closing

We are hands-on from consultation to closing. With a record number of transactions, you need someone who can help make sure things don't get delayed. 


No Upfront Fees

You won't pay a single dime until the deal closes. It's that simple. 

The Best Rates

We have the best pricing engine and access to every major lender. Shop around, you won't find a better rate than we can. 


Slam-Dunk Financing

You've worked hard to have a good credit score, steady income and you deserve a loan that rewards you for that. 

Our process and products are just that. If you qualify it's a slam-dunk.

American Trust Financial is California's premier lender for families & individuals. 

Our team has over 30 years of experience and over $1 Billion in real-estate transaction volume. 

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