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Our mission is to enable our customers to obtain the best and lowest cost loan for any credit situation. 

Tel: 123.456.7890

We Offer

A Quick Closing

Our team knows that the traditional wait times of obtaining a loan are too long and drawn out. We rush every file to ensure that our customers close quicker with us than with anyone else. 


The Best Rates

We offer the best rates to borrowers across all credit spectrums, providing peace of mind, pricing transparency and access to capital to everyone. 

Positioning for Success

Our goal is to stabilize your life and property and to give you the funds needed to position your property for long-term success. 

With Over 30 Years of Combined Experience, Our Team has the Knowledge and Expertise to Ensure Professional, Accurate, High Quality Service


We are your partner for long-term success. 

We offer our customers all products and work with you to decide which loan is right for you and your family. 


“American Trust Financial allowed us to pay off our previous hard money lender who was charging default interest rate.”

—  Jim and Nancy  —
Los Angeles

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